The Importance of an Accounting Company

Do you only look for an accounting and CPA firm when it is tax season? It is a sad phenomenon that most entrepreneurs in Rochester Hills, MI or in any part of the country do this. Are you even aware that an accountant can help you make sound financial decisions when it comes to the procurement of tangible assets such as real estate property?

An accounting and CPA firm can offer you so much more than just the filing of tax returns, although this is the most popular of their services. Here is a list of services that an accounting company can offer you.

Creation of Financial Statements – You may think that this accounting service is just part and parcel of the filing of tax returns, but it can help you with other things. It can allow you to compare your company’s past financial performance because an accountant should create an income statement that allows comparison between two to three accounting cycles. Other than that, this service will allow you and the entity’s stakeholders to check your organization’s liquidity and position easily. A complete financial statement would also contain horizontal and vertical analysis. This would make their output easily understood by a layman.

Accurate Records of Daily Transactions – With the help of a competent accounting company, you can keep track of your company’s cash receipts, receivables, and liabilities in real time. If you have not done it, they can set up an accounting system that will help in keeping track of business transactions. This will make your company less vulnerable to fraud and theft.

Now that you understand that there is more to accounting that just the creation of supporting documents for your tax returns, then you should immediately consult M E Burns Cpa. As a licensed accountant, we highly value integrity and timeliness. We make sure that these values are reflected in our output. So if you want top-of-the-line accounting services, call us now at (248) 207-8755 for more information.